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Crystal Reports For QuickBooks

Beginning with QuickBooks Enterprise Edition 6.0 the ODBC driver created by QODBC.com is now integrated with QuickBooks.   What does this mean for QuickBooks users?  It means you can look beyond the box for reporting (Crystal Reports) and other uses of data outside of QuickBooks such as Excel, Word, Access, Project, and many other ODBC compliant programs. 

If you need to create or modify Crystal Reports for QuickBooks, I can be contracted to do the work.  I don't need to come on site, but can complete and deliver reports via Email or my remote access tool.  I have been writing reports for 15 years as either a controller or a consultant.  Not only do I know Crystal Reports inside and out, but I am also a CPA.   I fully understand the QuickBooks data structure, and I have the experience to solve real business problems.  

Data Conversion Reports:

Are you converting from QuickBooks another accounting system?  Did you know the most efficient way to migrate your data from one system to another is "run it through a translator".  Crystal Reports is that translator.  You can purify data and rework data to match your new system.  Forget about beginning balance only conversions.  Using this technique you can convert full transactional history. Since the reports are saved, you can rerun them over and over for testing or pilot conversions.  If you translate the data in Excel, you spend all that time and have to get right the first time.  Using this method, you can do the testing many times over until the results are exactly what you want.

Don't overpay for conversion services.  I am an expert in converting companies from QuickBooks.  I can work with your new software consultant to produce extracted data for typically much less than than they can.

Contact me today for details.